American Library in Paris Conversation Circles

The Library is pleased to offer English and French conversation circles for Library members. These conversation circles are a way for English and French language learners with an intermediate (B1), upper intermediate (B2), or higher level to improve their speaking skills. We invite you to engage in stimulating conversation on a variety of topics and themes moderated by a Library volunteer in an informal and friendly environment.

The guiding principles of the conversation circles are as follows:

  • Focus on communication and fluency, not grammatical correctness
  • Dynamic engagement (i.e., taking turns speaking, listening actively, being cultural sensitive, etc.)
  • Theme-oriented discussions
  • Small groups (maximum of 3 participants per conversation circle)
  • Learn new vocabulary words for each topic/theme
  • Learn formal vs. informal conversation strategies

Conversation Circles will be held three times a year (in September/October, January/February, and April/May) and will meet over four 45-minute sessions at the Library. Participants are required to attend all four sessions. There is no additional fee for joining a conversation circle, but you must be a member of the Library.

For any inquiries, please email strategic partnerships manager Pauline Lemasson at

FAQs on Conversation Circles

Conversation circles are organized at the Library’s initiative and led by experienced Library volunteers. Conversation circle leaders — and participants — have broad discretion on how they unfold. The Library will offer two English conversation circles and one French conversation circle led by native-speaking Library volunteers. Each conversation circle will meet in four sessions of 45 minutes each. To sign-up, please fill out this online application form.

Yes. If you are not yet a Library member but would like to participate in one of our conversation circles, please join the Library before the first session of your selected group or be prepared (and leave enough time) to join or renew at the first session (check/cash/credit card, photo ID and proof of residence required).

Conversation circles on different topics/themes are offered three times a year (in September/October, January/February, and April/May) and meet over four sessions. Conversation circle meetings take place in the Library unless otherwise advertised.

Please come to the first session prepared to chosen topic/theme. Your conversation circle leader will have sent over some essential vocabulary words for the chosen topic/theme. Arriving a few minutes early will allow everyone to become acquainted. If you will not be present, you are expected to let the conversation circle leader know as soon as possible, as others may be on a waiting list.

The Library can provide some beverages (wine, juice, coffee, and tea) for the conversation circle meetings, whose participants may also bring other refreshments or snacks. Everyone is responsible for clean-up in Library spaces, including the kitchen.

Please fill out the following online registration forms:

English Conversation Circle registration form

French Conversation Circle registration form

The conversation circle leader will confirm your participation (up to three participants for each conversation circle and up to three members on a waitlist) and send further details.

English Conversation Circles (Spring 2018)

The Library will offer two English Conversation Circles on Thursdays 18h00-18h45  and 19h00-19h45. These English Conversation Circles will be moderated by Judith Cunningham, Anissa Calatayud Stocks, and Melanie Reiter. Participants are asked to commit to all four sessions.

To sign-up, please fill out the English Conversation Circle online registration form.

Here are the meeting dates:

English Conversation Circle SESSION A (led by Anissa Calatayud Stocks and Melanie Reiter)

  • Thursday 5 April 18h00-18h45
  • Thursday 12 April 18h00-18h45
  • Thursday 3 May 18h00-18h45
  • Thursday 17 May 18h00-18h45

English Conversation Circle SESSION B (led by Judith Cunningham)

  • Thursday 5 April 19h00-19h45
  • Thursday 12 April 19h00-19h45
  • Thursday 17 May 19h00-19h45
  • Thursday 24 May 19h00-19h45

About our English Conversation Circle Leaders: 

Judith Cunningham holds a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies from the American University of Paris. She taught English to children and adults in refugee camps in Palestine for three months in the summer of 2016. She organized lesson plans and traveled to various camps and community centers teaching English at a variety of levels. Judith loves libraries, reading, the smell of books, and the sense of community found in libraries.

Anissa Calatayud Stocks holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Journalism from the University of Minnesota with additional postgraduate work at the Sorbonne and New York University. Anissa also holds certification in teaching English as a Foreign Language from TtMadrid, with which she has spent many hours volunteering to provide outreach and educational support for students learning English.

Melanie Reiter holds a Bachelor of Science medical degree. She volunteered for the Girls Scout and the Martin Luther King Center in Mozambique. She was an English teacher in Mozambique, as well as taught English to teens who planned to apply for college in United States.

French Conversation Circle (Spring 2018)

The Library will offer one French Conversation Circle on Thursdays 19h00-19h45 led by Clément Le Chanu.

To sign up, please fill out the French Conversation Circle online registration form.

Here are the meeting dates:

French Conversation Circle (led by Clément Le Chanu)

  • Thursday 5 April 19h00-19h45
  • Thursday 12 April 19h00-19h45
  • Thursday 3 May 19h00-19h45
  • Thursday 17 May 19h00-19h45

About our French Conversation Circle Leader:

Clément Le Chanu is currently a student at Université Pierre et Marie Curie. His interests include aircraft maintenance and flight planning for gliders at the Ecury Sur Coole Airfield, as well as science, literature, and flying.