22 May 2012

Interview with Laurel Zuckerman, Editor Best Paris Stories

Laurel Zuckerman is the editor of Best Paris Stories, a new anthology of short stories about our fair city. She is the author of Sorbonne Confidential […]
7 May 2012

David Herlihy on bicycle history

David V. Herlihy is the author of The Lost Cyclist and Bicycle: The History, winner of the 2004 Award for Excellence in the History of Science. […]
30 April 2012

A Jesuit Sleuth in 17th Century Paris

A Jesuit Sleuth in 17th Century Paris Paris has long been famous as the home of expatriots. Sometimes, as I write my Charles du Luc historical […]
10 April 2012

Lily Tuck: How to learn through writing

Born in Paris, Lily Tuck is the author of four previous novels: Interviewing Matisse, or the Woman Who Died Standing Up; The Woman Who Walked on Water; Siam, […]